Call for abstracts

Deadline for submission of abstracts: December 31, 2008


Instructions for the preparation of Abstracts

  1. Only original material that has NOT been previously presented or published and describes new contributions in the areas of interest to the conference will be considered. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Selection of abstracts for the conference will depend on the scientific quality and relevance to the conference. The Organizing Committee reserves to itself the right to assign the presentation to an oral or poster format. Such assignments will be made on the basis of the author's choice, the perceived quality of the contribution, the relevance to the aim of the meeting and to the schedule.

  2. The language of the abstract should be, preferably, English.

  3. The abstract should be as informative as possible. State the specific objective of the study and the methods used, if pertinent. Summarize the results obtained. State the conclusions reached.

  4. The maximum length of abstract is of 1500 characters keystrokes – including spaces). Figures and illustrations are not accepted.

  5. Typing or grammatical errors will not be corrected in the abstract. It is the author's responsibility to submit the abstract error free.

  6. Submission of abstract: only in electronic form, most preferably by means of the form below.

  7. If you wish to make some changes to your abstract (before the submission deadline), please submit it again. We shall always make our best to consider your latest submission.

  8. The title of your abstract, including names and affiliation of the author(s) will be published on this website as soon as we receive these data. The full text of the abstract will be published — shortly before the meeting itself — in the Book of Abstracts on this website and as a hardcopy. Please note that your abstract will only be included in the "Book of Abstracts" after payment of the conference fee.

Submission form

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